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Welcome to Liberty Photography  

As a middle-aged mother of two, I completely understand the hang-ups we all have about our body image.

It doesn’t help that we are all used to seeing our bodies from highly unflattering angles, such as when we are getting undressed in the bathroom or trying on clothes in a changing room.

We all have bits we’d like to change. Even top models with their obsessive diets and personal trainers seem dissatisfied with their bodies – there is always something they’d change given the chance.

Let’s remember, a lot of photos you see on front covers of glossy magazines are air brushed, so even those supermodels don’t have the bodies we see plastered everywhere, making us feel inadequate.

However what we forget is that we do all have are parts of our body that are pretty damn good!

I’ll show you these bits from unusual angles and positions that you may never have witnessed before.

I aim to give you that much needed reminder of how gorgeous you are.

As soon as we sit up, stand or twist round, our bodies create beautiful and often very flattering shapes. Shapes that will show off forgotten long legs, stunning curves, elegant feet and hands, shapely backs, long lean necks and so on.

What I intend to do in your session is to celebrate the natural, feminine curves present in women of all shapes, sizes and ages. Sculptors and painters alike have long been inspired by the female form, producing endless pieces of art depicting women of all proportions.

Now you too can become a work of art, using photography and a few design techniques (not airbrushing!). I want you to leave feeling astounded with how great you look and how liberated you feel.


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